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E-testpedia: JAMB CBT Practice

Writing CBT Exams on E-testpedia

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Online tests, also known as Computer-Based Tests (CBT) and E-tests is fast taking over it's paper test alternative. More students are adopting it. This is due to many reasons some of which are it's fairness, uniformity and the speed at which the results are returned. In 2013 Jamb announced that by 2015 Paper Tests will be phased out and Computer Based Test (CBT) will take full effect. This has led to mass anxiety in students, admission seekers and university aspirants on how to pass Jamb CBT.

Thus you should make yourself familiar with CBT platforms before attempting the exam. Preparation and constant practice is the key. This is where E-testpedia comes in.

On E-testpedia, writing exams is easy, user-friendly and highly customizable. A user can adjust his/her exams by selecting:

  • Exam subject
  • Number of Questions
  • Exam Duration
  • Difficulty Level (Skill Level)
  • and the Marking Scheme

E-testpedia Exam Configuration

Once these settings are inputted, the user is taken to the main exam page.

Unlike many other CBT's, all the user's questions are displayed on the same page. The main advantages of this are:

  • It eliminates the need to refresh/reload pages thus saving the user a huge amount of bandwidth and reload (waiting) time
  • The user can easily scroll to any question without resorting to reloading (refreshing) the page

Questions are sourced from JAMB, WAEC, NECO and past questions of Post UTME of Universities and this makes our platform very helpful to those preparing for these examinations (Admission seekers and University Aspirants)

The main exam page features a timer/control module at the left hand side. This is fixed on the user's window. This module displays the time remaining. It also has 4 view options viz:

  • All questions
  • Attempted
  • Un-attempted
  • Flagged

E-testpedia Timer/View Options Module

'All questions' is the default view option. By clicking on 'Attempted' view option, only the questions attempted so far are displayed to the users. Clicking on 'Un-Attempted' view options displays only the un-attempted questions.

A user can also flag a question. In a situation where a user wished to come back to a question, he can simply flag the question by clicking the flag icon on the right hand corner of the question.
E-testpedia Question

The user may view all the questions he flagged by clicking on the 'Flagged' view option in the timer/control module.

When solving 'Articles-type' questions under English, a convenient way to select ones answers is provided. A user may simply click (or right click) on the gap in the passage to reveal the options as shown below
E-testpedia English Article

A user is advised to submit his/her exam for marking as soon as he/she is confident that he/she is through. This is because he/she will gain in the 'speed performance criteria'. However, exams are automatically submitted once the exam duration is elapsed. Note that some CBT's don't auto-submit exams once the time is elapsed hence a user should make it a habit to submit his/her exams by him/herself.

Exams are marked instantly without page refresh or reload. After Marking, the user is presented with his/her score card which features his score, average skill level, speed (in questions per minute QPM), score ranking, speed ranking and skill ranking. The ranking are based on daily performances.

A user may share his score card on major social platforms by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of his score card

If a user is logged in at the time of writing an exam, his performance is saved instantly into his profile

We wish our users GOODLUCK!