Dragnet, SHL, Workforce Aptitude Tests and Interviews Questions & Answers on Mobile


Over years it's been observed that recruitment agencies and employers use different means of aptitude tests to evaluate potential employees. All these aptitude tests are aimed at checking the mental ability of job aspirants in handling problems.

The most common of these tests are Numerical Tests, Verbal Tests, Spatial Tests, Abstract Tests and Engineering Tests. Indeed most aptitude tests fall under these categories. The growth rate of the population and the labour force is observed to be higher than that of job availability. Fresh graduates from higher institutions are meeting older graduates thus making the job search space choked and increasingly competitive.

As an aspirant, it is important that you are familiar with the tests formats and questions. The only way to go about this is constant practice. Not only does constant practice improve your mental ability, it also improves your analytical and problem solving speed.

This is where MyJob App comes in. MyJob is a mobile application that can help aspirants practice these questions on mobile phones.



Listed below are the features of MyJob

  • Aptitude tests questions and answers from/of companies - oil & gas, manufacturing, banking etc.
  • Aptitude tests questions and answers of recruitment agencies - Dragnet, SHL, Workforce etc
  • Tough and Top Interview questions and explanations with sample responses.
  • Instant Job notification
  • Different categories of Interview questions: behavioral, leadership, team playing, situational, personality etc
  • Online & Offline Use: It needs internet connection to get the questions after which it works completely offline
  • Realtime updates: If new questions are added, app users only need to sync the app (more like refresh) and the questions are obtained and stored for offline use.
  • Performance index to monitor your growth
  • Compatible with most screen sizes.

Benefits of MyJob

  • As with all mobile apps, you can use it anywhere. (You are forming big boy/girl and don't want to be seen carrying GMAT like a bible)
  • It's not a large app. Several compression technologies have been used to reduce the size of the app and its files.
  • New questions can be added without need of re-download
  • IT'S FREE ("It's a lie ... I hear you say"). But that is the truth. IT IS FREE though it's worth paying for. However there are ads ... and that explains why I made it free.

You can download it at these URls

MyJob Jobs & Apritude Tests App



or simply search for it on playstore.


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Screenshots of the app are as shown


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